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K2 Hypnotist Snowboard 2024

Product Description

You take a deep breath and imagine yourself dropping into a perfect half pipe. As you do, your eyelids get heavy, and you begin to feel the wind rushing through your hair. You hit the lip and experience a feeling of weightlessness as you spin an effortless 1080. You've never harnessed such pop. You don't feel the landing, but you're straight into a Double McTwist 1260, followed by a Frontside 900. As you come to a stop, endorphins flood your brain and lightning bolts of energy fire down each limb to your fingers and toes. You feel alive. You open your eyes, and you're back at home. You never left. The K2 Hypnotist Snowboard stares back at you, ready, waiting.

Flex: 7/10 (Medium Stiff)

Camber: Traditional Camber

Shape: True Twin

Size: 155

Recommended Rider Weight: 120-190lbs+

Waist Width: 251mm

Vendor: K2
$299.95 $599.95
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