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Frequently Asked Questions

Are bikes allowed in the park? 

Bikes are not allowed in the park. Only skateboards, scooters, and inline skates are allowed in the park. 

Can I bring food & drinks into the park? 

Only water is allowed in the park. No food or other drinks. 

Do I have to wear a helmet?

We recently changed our rules on helmets. Participants 18 & older are no longer required to wear helmets, however participants under 18 are still required to wear helmets when skating in the park. 

Can I drop my kid off to skate in the park?

Yes, however we cannot be in the park supervising at all times in case something happens. There are cameras in the park and incase there's ever an issue your kid can always come to a member of our staff for help. Please make the decision whether to leave your kid at the park under your best parental discretion. 

Do you guys sell scooter parts? Do you guys sell roller skates?

NO. While we allow scooters & roller skates in the park, we only sell skateboard & snowboard products. 

Do you guys rent the park out privately? 

Yes we rent the park out privately during non business hours. We charge $100 an hour. Please email us at to schedule a rental & for more information.

**We are a drug & alcohol free property. There is a zero tolerance for smoking or drinking on our property.**