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Crossroads Best of Luck Game of Skate

Join us HERE on Sunday April 14th for the "Best of Luck" Game of Skate Tournament. This is an open division only event. Cash & product prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd  Product prizes for 4th place. Games will take place inside the park. There is a $10 required registration fee. This can be paid for online through the link below or in store. 


Cash Prize Breakdown 

1st: $350

2nd: $100

3rd: $50


10am-12pm: Park opens. Skaters are welcome to come early and warm up.

12pm: First games start


Crossroads Game of SKATE RULES

We have adopted Berrics Rules with the addition of some that we think will keep the game fair for players and referees:


  • Flatground only, but that doesn’t mean everything on flat ground counts

  • No feet on the ground – No handplants, no bonelesses, no grabs. 

  • No manual tricks or weird ground Casper stuff

  • No tricks that slide on the ground if your opponent popped his trick (360s, 3 shoves, etc.) (If on offense the skater does a 270 pivot, then the defense only has to do a 270 pivot. If the offense pops the whole thing around defense has to do it as well).

  • Last letter gets two tries.

  • Offensive toe/heel drag gets one do-over.

  • Defensive toe/heel drag gets one do-over and has a bigger margin for error, but will ultimately be decided by our referees.



  • No Ollie North, Ollie South, Nollie North, Nollie South. 

  • No Sex Change Tricks. That means disco flips for all you cavemen and women out there.

  • The Crossroads Additions can be subject to change depending on what referees will allow based on the fairness of the game and how long the game is lasting. If the ref feels the game is taking forever they may open it up to Norths & Souths along with sex change tricks.